Why Zelle?

Person-to-person (P2P) payments are not a fad. Financial institutions large and small across the United States are launching Zelle® every week. The current environment has forever changed the dynamics of paying people.

Zelle is a P2P payments solution created for financial institutions of all sizes. You do not have to look far to find a bank or credit union that offers Zelle. Nearly 70 percent of financial institutions offering Zelle through Fiserv have less than $1 billion in assets.

At Fiserv, we’ve seen triple-digit growth in Zelle transactions year after year. This is the acceleration of a 20-year trend: Anything that can be done digitally will be, including paying people.

Why offer Zelle? Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • Your consumers want Zelle 
    Adoption of Zelle is strong. Approximately 200,000 email addresses or U.S. mobile numbers are enrolled per day.
  • It requires no physical contact 
    Today, people need to be able to send and receive money without making physical contact with others. Enable your accountholders to easily make contactless payments to friends, family and others they trust – no cash or checks necessary, and no trips to the ATM.
  • Zelle users are your best customers 
    Research shows that Zelle users have more revenue-producing services with their financial institution than non-users.
  • Reduce your expenses 
    Zelle transactions typically replace the exchange of cash or checks.

Why Fiserv?

  • Implementation experience is deep
    Fiserv has launched nearly 70 percent of all financial institutions that are live on the Zelle Network®.
  • Fiserv is core agnostic
    Fiserv has launched dozens of non-Fiserv cores on Zelle.
  • Risk management expertise
    Fiserv has over 12 years experience managing P2P fraud, a competitive differential advantage for Fiserv and your financial institution.
  • Integration advantage for Fiserv clients
    Turnkey Service for Zelle from Fiserv reduces complexity for a faster time to market.

Want to see how Zelle works? Watch our demonstration video.

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