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AllData PFM

Become the financial hub customers rely on to monitor and manage their cash flow, investments, spending, budget and savings goals while integrating into your existing digital products for a seamless consumer experience.




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    Enable users to create a budget in minutes. AllData® PFM from Fiserv automatically tracks spending for each category, helping users adhere to their budget.

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    Monetize aggregation by attracting new deposits, cross-selling services and increasing retention.

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    Give customers a consolidated view of assets and liabilities. Charts, graphs and advanced search capabilities enable filtered reports for targeted transaction monitoring.

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    Categorize transactions automatically, based on user preference and built-in rules, enabling them to manage activity. Notify users when they are approaching a spending limit by category.

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    Customers can now have visibility into their recurring subscriptions, along with payment schedules and amounts, to take control of their finances.

Consumer data drives engagement


Provide value to new and existing customers looking for easy access to a complete view of their financial picture.


Gain insight into customers' external accounts and better understand their financial habits.


Increase engagement and loyalty with a solution that helps people understand and better manage their financial lives.


Deliver more personalized financial guidance and cross-sell additional products.

Grow relationships, gain competitive advantage and cross-sell products

AllData PFM provides your customers with a complete view of their financial picture across all accounts.


accounts updated nightly

Consistent coverage rates over


of all U.S. demand deposit accounts


unique data sources


active users

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