BEST-IN-CLASS Capabilities

Notifi Detect

Identify fraud faster and launch a powerful account takeover defense using automated tools to easily validate account profile changes with NotifiSM Detect from Fiserv.


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    Easily see a list of account changes ranked by risk level according to predictive data, including historic mobility patterns and geographic crime dynamics, enabling staff to address higher risk interactions first. 

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    Leverage a predictive scoring model that learns from past experiences with your accounts to ensure constant refinement.

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    Make decisions quickly with an easy-to-use interface featuring automated tools for risk scoring and disposition that create audit trails.

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    Rely on a system that automatically facilitates regulatory compliance, including FACTA red flags rules for address changes while authenticating consumer addresses, emails and phone numbers from within the system.

A powerful account takeover defense


Improve productivity and stop fraud faster by investigating the highest risk cases first.


Stay ahead of emerging fraud trends and boost consumer satisfaction with a system that it always improving.


Save time and money with automated processes for risk scoring and investigations.


Stop account takeover and preserve your institution’s reputation with powerful account protection.

Explore the power of real-time account takeover detection

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