Processing Services

Whether your company wants to process in-house or take advantage of all the benefits of an outsourced approach, Fiserv offers implementation paths to the industry's most comprehensive account and remittance processing choices.

Account-based transactions drive your business – and they account for an untold number of visible and invisible connections to your customers each day. The quality of your processing service matters like never before; it can protect against reputational risk, competitive disadvantage and customer attrition.

Your customers need convenience. You need speed, security and reliability. You also need an effective strategy for keeping up with new processing technology, complying with new financial regulations, streamlining systems, improving services, controlling costs and preventing fraud. Fiserv can help.

Our Solution

From bank platform and credit union platforms to consumer electronic bill payment, item processing solutions, remittance solutions, and integrated ATM, debit, credit and prepaid services, Fiserv provides banks and credit unions of all sizes a truly comprehensive array of choices – delivered on the most popular software suites and technology platforms. Processing Services from Fiserv include:

  • The widest range of bank platforms – from in-house options to outsourced environments – that best meet an institution's budget and goals
  • Service-oriented architecture that drives unlimited integration
  • Straight-through check processing that combines electronic clearing and remote deposit capture technology to deliver immediate, paperless results
  • End-to-end account processing solutions that enable you to manage transactions efficiently while minimizing risk
  • High-quality, private-label remittance processing solutions for financial institutions delivered via a national lockbox network and incorporating the latest imaging technology


We help our clients achieve the right balance of integration with innovation to meet specific business goals. With our Processing Services, you can:

  • Leverage both geography and technology to access the support of thousands of Fiserv professionals
  • Explore the breadth and depth of our processing solutions, which give you the most choices for a complete solution without having to fill "missing pieces" through additional vendors
  • Benefit from our years of experience applying technology solutions in unique customer environments – and yielding powerful, profitable results
  • Offer new fee-based services and grow deposits with minimal capital investment

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