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Consumers and businesses demand exceptional service and the latest technology, especially when managing their money. Fiserv helps financial institutions reimagine their deposit processes and transform branches into high-value, client-focused advisory centers while offering customers and members the ultimate in convenience.

Fiserv provides solutions to support the end-to-end deposit process, including remote and mobile deposit, deposit risk management, deposit liquidity, remittance, back office services and more to help drive operational efficiencies and accelerate the digital journey for financial institutions of all sizes.

Our Solutions

Fiserv offers a complete menu of Deposit Solutions to streamline your deposit operations, manage deposit risk and offer convenience to your accountholders. Key offerings include:

Deposit Liquidity Solutions: Regardless of the state of the economy, more and more account holders are looking for ways to make their money work for them.

  • SmarterPay: Discretionary overdraft limits can allow your best customers to overdraw to meet their liquidity needs within their means while reducing risk of loss.
  • Immediate Funds: Accelerated funds availability gives your accountholders the ability to get access to deposited check funds immediately instead of applying the hold policy, without adding any risk to the institution.
  • Deposit Line: Deposit-based lending provides account holders the opportunity to bridge the gap for their immediate spending needs without accessing credit file data. It brings a small-dollar solution to many who previously could not qualify for traditional lending products.

Check Processing: Economies of scale matter when trying to improve efficiencies in the back office. With check volumes declining, outsourcing tasks like check clearing, check imaging, returns processing to experts like Fiserv can allow your institution to focus on refining the customer experience and dialing up your profitability. For in-house processing, our virtual transaction products offer you the most advanced solutions to grow your deposit base. You can choose to outsource some processing tasks while keeping others in-house.

Remote Deposit Capture: Whether check images are gathered at the branch back office, teller, corporate office, merchant, ATM or even at your customer's office or mobile device, Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) enhances efficiency for your financial institution and convenience for your customers. Plus, our Digital Deposit Activation Program offers a tailored approach to driving more checks through digital deposit channels while enhancing your account holders’ experience.

Back-office Solutions: We address the workflows, exception conditions and risk mitigation processes your organization needs. Solutions include inclearing deposits, returns, transaction management, deposit review and reporting capabilities.

Fiserv Clearing Network: Our electronic check clearing and exchange network can handle your transit, in-clearing and return items with one simple connection

Check Image Archive: Our solution supports short-term and long-term archive functions, online access to checks and statements, CD-ROM creation and image storage for up to seven years. Our in-house archive solutions are fully customizable and give you total control over the storage of your document and check images. Your core processing solution will determine if you are eligible for our enterprise content management (ECM) solutions


Our Deposit Solutions offer:

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Increased accountholder retention
  • Support for routine transaction migration to digital channels
  • Added revenue streams
  • Increased share-of-wallet and customer experience
  • Reduced deposit fraud and risk

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