BEST-IN-CLASS Capabilities

Branch Deposit Capture

Improve processing speed and reduce costs with invoice matching and validation software that gives you the option to determine when deposits are scanned, stored and transmitted based on your transaction volume.

Key Features

  • Three gears

    Automate deposit processing and speed up back-office functions with built-in verification.

  • Security lock

    Quickly detect fraud and identify duplicate items.

  • cloud with up and down arrows icon

    Leverage technology that immediately balances and corrects transactions.

  • Circles connected by lines

    Use web-based tools to capture high volumes of check images in the back office of your branches.

Technology to meet today’s needs


Streamline check processing and reducing operating expenses with automated deposit verification technology.


Detect fraud and minimize check handling and posting errors with leading capture technology.


Free up staff by reducing item research and adustments while meeting accountholder needs for faster processing.


Eliminate expensive courier contracts and paper-intensive processing delays.

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