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Lending Solutions

Originate and service loans and leases more quickly and efficiently while minimizing risk to your lending operations. Fiserv offers superior loan processing solutions that reduce costs, generate revenue, allow you to stay focused in an increasingly competitive landscape, and position you for future growth.

Sound decision making and speed are important in the lending business. With both revenues and profit margins being squeezed, every customer contact must produce the best possible return. This requires solutions that automate and consolidate lending processes so you can boost your efficiency and reduce transaction costs.

Whether you're a high-volume originator or loan servicer, community bank, credit union or captive auto lender, you must also provide excellent customer value and minimize organizational risk. With the right combination of lending services and integrated technology solutions, Fiserv can help you deliver top-quality customer service while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with real-time processing and risk management.

Our Solution

Whatever the size or make-up of your loan portfolios, Fiserv provides solutions that allow you to react more quickly to changing markets and consumer expectations.

  • Auto finance options that expedite vehicle sales and high-touch outsourced solutions for customer support, vehicle remarketing and collections
  • Origination options that streamline lending operations and strengthen customer relationships
  • Servicing options for real estate and consumer loans and indirect auto financing that increase productivity and drive portfolio profitability
  • Integrated default management solutions that help determine the best loss mitigation strategies for you and your borrowers
  • Secure electronic document-exchange offerings that replace paper, save time and reduce cost throughout the lending life cycle
  • Full-spectrum business process outsourcing services that scale quickly, with customized programs to meet your specific business goals

Our lending solutions result in significant increases in transaction speed and volume and make it possible to book a loan, post a payment and sell to an investor all on the same day.


  • Grow customer relationships. Our loan management systems provide valuable insights and consolidated views of customer needs and credit-worthiness
  • Reduce risk and regulatory exposure. Our solutions simplify reporting and regulatory compliance efforts, while providing risk analysis, integrated default management controls, and a graduated approach to secure, paper-free lending 
  • Increase productivity. With systems that automate manual processes and share functionality across product lines and departments, Fiserv helps lenders save time and money with each transaction
  • Effectively manage operations. Flexible deployment options and configurable, client-defined software components improve business processes and help you meet the needs of your organization
  • Deliver funds in minutes. All you need is the recipient's bank account, debit/prepaid card, email address or phone number
  • Accept digital payments. Receive customers’ ACH or card payments through any digital channel in near real-time
  • Develop innovative products and services. Access to over 18,000 data sources, providing valuable customer information on accounts, transactions, credit cards, loans, insurance, mortgages and investments


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