Mortgage Momentum

Mortgage lenders are challenged to deliver a more efficient lending process and a compelling, differentiated borrower experience. Process automation and digital borrower journeys expedite time to approval and close to fulfill consumer expectations.


Mortgage MomentumSM from Fiserv is an innovative approach that empowers the mortgage lending process from marketing and origination all the way to secondary markets and loan servicing. We're invested in every phase of this approach and offer products and services to meet the needs of lenders and consumers throughout the value chain.

Mortgage Momentum addresses the five phases of a successful lending program through a single platform, streamlining management for lenders. These areas include:

•  Attract: Positioning lenders to attract borrowers through an intelligent, streamlined and intuitive mortgage process, enabling them to compete with large online mortgage providers

• Approve: Leveraging digital expertise to verify loan information and eliminate manual, inefficient workflows. Digital underwriting systems are further complemented with an internal workflow to mitigate lender risk

• Deliver: Providing an efficient, compliant and cost-effective way to deliver complete loan packages electronically for loan boarding and investor sales, eliminating the inefficiency of in-person and in-branch activities

• Optimize: Covering the secondary market through which financial institutions optimize their portfolios for increased returns. Leveraging the future of machine learning and artificial intelligence to surface the work necessary to support sound balance sheet practices

• Service: Covering the servicing and ultimate payoff of mortgages that the lender chooses to hold in their portfolio. Nurturing the relationship of the initial transaction to support long-term, complex financial services needs

With the loan origination system (LOS) at the center of our ecosystem, we streamlined processes, reduced costs, and improved data quality and security to create a world-class digital borrower experience.

Recent research underlines the importance of digital interactions in the overall lending experience. According to the Fall 2019 Expectations & Experiences: Borrowing and Wealth Management consumer survey from Fiserv, among consumers who applied for loans in the past two years:

completed at least part of the
loan process via online or
mobile channels

"somewhat or very comfortable"
with the idea of completing
loan applications online
through a laptop or desktop

comfortable with the idea
of completing loan applications
with a mobile device

Mortgage Director, an LOS, and OriginateSM Mortgages, a point-of-sale (POS) solution, can support your digital capabilities, improving loan quality, decreasing risk, and speeding the approval and closing processes while reducing the cost of origination deliver a better experience for today's demanding borrowers.

Streamlined mortgage
origination process resulting
in better borrower experiences
and higher data quality

Seamless integration with
third-party data providers
to deliver a differentiated

Lower loan origination costs
to create additional
revenue opportunities

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