Risk & Compliance

Financial institutions are the backbone of the global economy, processing trillions of dollars daily. While strong operational performance is critical for competitive advantage, effective management of complex risks and regulations associated with the movement of money is equally important.

Banks and other financial services institutions around the world are looking for ways to improve operational efficiency, control risk and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

Fiserv can help you detect, manage and prevent risk more effectively, so you can achieve low-risk growth while continuing to meet consumers’ financial needs. 

Gain a strategic view of integrated risk management across all your business channels and provide the tools you need to minimize exposure and avoid financial losses

Automate and streamline accounting operations and financial controls for improved accuracy and operational efficiency

Detect, analyze, manage and prevent all types of financial risk to minimize loss, maximize profits and preserve the consumer experience

Simplify regulatory compliance and protect your good reputation

Risk & Compliance Solutions

Card Risk Management

Card Risk Management

Assess and mitigate the risk of fraudulent card activity without delaying transactions or inconveniencing cardholders.
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Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity Solutions

Protect your entire IT infrastructure with layered cybersecurity solutions that work to reduce risk and maintain compliance with monitoring, management, detection and response.
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Financial Control Solutions

Financial Control Solutions

Automate account reconciliation, exception management and account certification with solutions that help facilitate a significantly faster and more efficient financial close process.
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Financial Performance & Risk Management

Leverage comprehensive solutions for budgeting and planning, financial accounting, and funds transfer pricing – as well as solutions for credit, market and liquidity risk and asset/liability management – to help you better understand areas of risk and opportunity to increase profitability.
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Financial Crime Risk Management

Financial Crime Risk Management

Deploy predictive analytics-based solutions for fraud and money laundering detection and mitigation that offer real-time detection, low false positives, regulatory and operational efficiencies and case management reporting.
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Lending Solutions icon

Lending Solutions

Originate, close, manage and service loans more quickly and cost efficiently while minimizing lending risk.
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Solutions to help you take control

- Develop a risk-inclusive business strategy

- Prevent losses from fraud

- Ensure adherence to regulatory and compliance mandates

- Establish peace of mind

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