Axiom Planning and Profitability

Forward-thinking financial institutions rely on the role of the CFO for more than financial reporting. CFOs now balance traditional responsibilities with analysis and insights that inform strategy and drive growth.

Meeting today’s business challenges requires a what-if, scenario-based approach to finance. When combined with trusted technology, future-minded data analysis can drive profitable growth along with greater efficiency and accuracy. Data-driven analysis and disciplined thinking are essential to near-term success and long-term sustainability, but these require a unified product platform, increased transparency and the fundamental principles of corporate finance.

Axiom Planning and Profitability, offered via a relationship with Syntellis Performance Solutions, provides finance leaders with the tools needed to accurately quantify the financial impact of the decisions they face.

Axiom Planning and Profitability combines budgeting, long-range planning, forecasting, scenario modeling, and funds transfer pricing and profitability analysis on a single integrated SaaS platform. Using robust reporting and analytics capabilities, financial institutions are positioned to better manage and enhance financial and organizational performance with strategic, growth-focused decision making.

Axiom Planning and Profitability

Transform financial decision making and set a course toward profitable growth strategies


Analyze historical results and trends to better manage variances and root-cause analysis


Model future business scenarios to strengthen strategic investments and competitive positions


Mitigate and reduce risk by providing updated forecasts throughout the year


Improve strategic decision making with comprehensive and flexible reports, dashboards and data visualizations


Shorten overall budget cycles and increase operational efficiencies by automating processes


Gain new insights and visibility for improved profitability

Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting

Deliver timely and accurate information to support financial performance while adapting to change

  • Take a collaborative approach to financial planning with comprehensive, integrated budgeting, forecasting, scenario analysis and long-range planning tools
  • Develop financial forecasting based on market and operational drivers, leveraging best practice calculation methodologies
  • Reduce errors, imports and duplicate data entry with a single system for budget inputs

Funds Transfer Pricing and Profitability

Accurately understand your sources of profitability

  • Improve accuracy via transparent, matched-term funds transfer pricing
  • Measure profitability at an account level and aggregate to any dimension to drive more informed business decisions
  • Gain visibility in to which customers, products, branches and other segments drive the most value for your institution

Reporting and Analytics

Quickly uncover and deliver crucial, transformative information

  • Reduce reporting time via automated reports and deliver comprehensive profitability results to the right people at the right time
  • Improve timely, strategic decision making with customizable reports, dashboards, data visualizations and KPI metrics
  • Adapt to changing business conditions using actionable insights revealed by current and historical FTP, periodic forecasting and profitability analysis
  • Measure and analyze full profit contribution and risk adjusted return on capital (RAROC), applying a matrix-based risk assessment approach



Leverage Axiom Planning and Profitability with your enterprise performance management solutions and core banking platform from Fiserv as part of a broader strategy to drive overall corporate performance.

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