Financial Performance & Risk Management

As the role of finance changes to more strategic, higher-value functions, the importance of transforming financial processes is imperative. Financial institutions need real-time, integrated financials to equip enterprises with better insights and enable strategic decision making and execution.

Take control of financial performance and risk in your financial institution

Financial performance and risk management solutions from Fiserv automate financial accounting, risk management, and planning and analysis, providing you with the insights and agility to make the best decisions at the right time and improve efficiency and profitability.

Automate and Streamline

Radically reduce the time and effort required to perform routine accounting functions, complete month-end close and make risk-related decisions

Make Smarter Decisions

Benefit from advanced predictive models that help you accelerate speed to market, minimize risk, and forecast and stress-test liquidity

Look Ahead With Confidence

Leverage relevant information for more flexible budgeting and accurate forecasting, and enhance strategic decision making with detailed plans and risk models

Enhance Reporting

Integrate all measures of financial accounting for improved financial reporting and enhanced visibility

Manage Risk and Compliance

Satisfy and ensure regulatory compliance with current requirements to manage emerging risk and meet strategic needs

Optimize Profitability

Drive more-informed business decisions and strategic planning

Optimize budgeting and planning, financial accounting, funds transfer pricing, asset/liability management and/or credit, profitability, and market and liquidity risk management.

Fiserv has the right solution to help you significantly improve performance, minimize risk and simplify compliance:



Our solutions give you the power you need to maintain your institution's financial fitness

Integrated Data

Comprehensive data platform leverages Data Management Services across Fiserv solutions.

Distributed Dashboards and Management Reporting

Embedded analytics and visualization support data-driven decision making, simplifying operational risk management and SLAs critical to your organization, and enabling easier research and variance identification.

Intuitive Workflows & Scalability

Process automation drives productivity and efficiency gains along with improved risk mitigation, in flexible, customizable solutions built to grow as you grow.

Optimized User Experience

Intuitive user interfaces improve employee morale and productivity and promote solution usage.

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Using Data to Create Sound Strategies

Our point-of-view paper examines four key considerations that can help financial institutions establish a more strategic, data-driven strategy for decision making that is thorough, well-documented and quick. 

Read Our POV Paper


Preparing Finance for a Changing World

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The Not-So-Hidden Risks of Your Financial Institution's Accounting Processes

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