Axiom Pricing and Relationships

Profitability and relationships are always top-of-mind for financial institutions. For relationship managers, it’s a question of which customer or member segments are most profitable – and which are not – and how to focus your efforts to continually deliver value that’s profitable to the institution.

Finance leaders and relationship managers need analysis tools to identify and nurture high-value relationships, help pinpoint under-performing relationships and guide pricing decisions based on empirical relationship profitability instead of transaction volume or account balances.

Axiom Pricing and Relationships, offered in partnership with Syntellis Performance Solutions, provides institution leaders, relationship managers and other front-line staff with robust tools to accurately price, analyze and manage portfolios to optimize profitability. 

Use insights into relationship performance, portfolios and products to guide informed decision making across your institution

    • Build and evaluate complex relationships, accurately linking individuals and businesses to a relationship
    • Actively manage complex relationships and portfolios
    • Precisely measure profitability for every account, customer and relationship
    • Accurately price potential new business by assessing its impact on the entire relationship 
    • Inform business decisions through dashboard insights, tracking against selected profitability metrics at the institution, portfolio and relationship manager levels

Robust relationship management, relationship profitability and relationship pricing in a single, intuitive solution for both front-line staff and institution leaders

Relationship Management

Provide loan officers, branch managers and other relationship managers with a deeper understanding of the value of each account, customer and relationship in their portfolio:

  • Build and modify high-return relationships
  • Gain insight into clients' spheres of influence
  • View and manage relationships links between individuals and businesses



Relationship Profitability

Deliver relationship managers and institution leaders the actionable profitability analytics they need to:

  • Monitor profitability based on selected metrics, such as Risk Adjusted Return on Capital (RAROC) and net contribution
  • Allocate costs and margin data
  • Inform better business decisions
  • Reduce the risk of underserving profitable customers
  • Evaluate and compensate relationship managers



Relationship Pricing

Accurately price new business based on the empirical profitability of the relationship and balance customer needs with expected contribution

  • Build, compare and select pricing scenarios to support the relationship
  • Evaluate pricing flexibility
  • Ensure compliance with profitability hurdle rates
  • Understand long-term impact



Insightful Analytics

Inform business decisions by leveraging more than 30 analytical reports and dashboards, as well as intuitive portfolio views to understand the current and historical profitability for each account, customer and relationship


Access and Availability

Secure SaaS solution on a unified platform, allowing your organization to focus on high-value activities and spend less time supporting product upgrades and IT


Tight Integration

Axiom Pricing and Relationships works seamlessly with Axiom Profitability and Planning as well as Fiserv core banking platforms


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Driving Profitability Through Relationships

Financial institutions want to better understand what drives their profitability and where opportunities exist for enhancing it. This white paper examines the important correlation between relationship management, profitability and pricing and explains how finance, relationship and lending teams can make the best use of each area and the most effective tools.

Download the White Paper

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