Driving Profitability Through Relationships

How to Effectively Identify, Measure and Manage Relationships

With tight margins and continued pressure on earnings, many financial institutions want to better understand what drives their profitability and where opportunities exist for enhancing it. 

To accomplish this, finance leaders must analyze profitability drivers across a range of dimensions, including business lines, products, accountholders, channels and relationships. 

This white paper examines the important correlation between relationship management, profitability and pricing and explains how finance, relationship and lending teams can make the best use of each area and the most effective tools.

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Axiom Pricing and Relationships

A single, intuitive solution provides institution leaders, relationship managers and other front-line staff with robust tools to accurately price, analyze and manage portfolios to optimize profitability. 

  • Better understand a client’s total sphere of influence
  • Facilitate complex relationships
  • More precisely measure profitability for each relationship, customer and account
  • More accurately price new business

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