It's Time to Build a More Agile Budget

Financial institutions need to be ready for what’s next, even if it has never been seen before. Flexible, data-driven budgeting, forecasting and planning tools can help CFOs adapt to change and steer the strategic direction for their organization. But not every CFO has the right tools for the job.


According to a 2020 survey, CFOs are facing a range of budgeting challenges.

Annual budgeting takes too long


say it took three months or longer to budget; once it’s done, it’s already out-of-date


Leveraging data is difficult


need to do more to leverage financial and operational data to inform strategic decisions


find pulling data from multiple sources into a single report is a top challenge


Insights are lacking


struggle to monitor the financial impact of capital projects


feel pressure to link financial results to business strategy


For many, current tools and processes for budgeting and profitability are inadequate

Over half


are unable to calculate the risk- adjusted return on capital (RAROC)



use multi-scenario analyses to build their budgets



forecast funds transfer pricing

Better tools can make a difference


want improvements in reporting and analysis to support decision making



want improvements in profitability measurement across various dimensions


Source: “2020 Outlook for Financial Institutions: Addressing Economic Uncertainty and Competitive Pressure” report by Syntellis Performance Solutions

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Axiom Planning and Profitability

CFOs have an opportunity to steer their organizations with the right tools. A  single platform for budgeting, planning, forecasting, funds transfer pricing and profitability – supported by robust reporting – Axiom Planning and Profitability provides a flexible, collaborative, measurable approach to financial planning. It shortens the budget cycle and offers the necessary insights to drive strategic direction and revenue.

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