Financial Crime Risk Management

Predictive analytics-based solutions for detection and mitigation in the fight against money laundering, fraud and financial crime

Financial services are evolving at an unprecedented pace and consumers expect those services to be delivered instantly and securely. But fraud and financial crime is evolving just as quickly and pushing financial institutions to seek new strategies to manage risk and stay ahead of criminals.  

The world's economies, markets and consumers have accelerated the move from checks and cash to contactless and electronic payments. But with that shift, there are more scams, more account takeovers and more sophisticated identity fraud. The more fraud and financial crime succeed, the more money there is to launder, so it becomes a vicious upward cycle.

The stakes are high, but with financial crime risk management solutions from Fiserv, organizations have access to the tools that can help them mount a powerful defense against money laundering, fraud and financial crime. 

Our Solutions Make a Difference That Matters


Enable faster detection and prevention of financial crime

Empower data-driven decision-making to assess risk

Reduce friction with account holders and consumers to meet real-time demand and constantly improve the customer experience

Stay flexible and adaptable to ever evolving and sophisticated criminal activity

Uncover Even the Most Sophisticated Fraudulent Activity – Efficiently and Effectively

  • Machine learning facilitates monitoring for an unprecedented amount of data at scale
  • Behavioral analytics adds an additional layer of protection by focusing on good activity to create a baseline of what should be allowed
  • Anomalous deviations identify new attacks as they emerge
  • Ongoing monitoring, due diligence and ability to more easily screen, risk-rate and collect necessary know-you-customer data



The speed of payments introduces additional risks for financial institutions. Learn from our experts what measures you should take to reduce financial crime.

Financial Crime Risk Management Solutions from Fiserv

Anti-Money Laundering

Adaptive, comprehensive solutions that go beyond traditional transaction monitoring to reduce the risk of money laundering, keep operational costs in check and ensure regulatory compliance


Payment Fraud

Comprehensive cross-channel monitoring and interdiction solution for electronic payments that leverages unique proprietary analytic models to identify and prevent electronic payment fraud, including wire fraud, before the transaction leaves your institution.


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Emerging Financial Crime Risks and Strategies for Financial Institutions

Fighting financial crime is more than meeting compliance standards. Financial institutions need more responsive and effective measures to fight criminal activity.

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Fighting Back Against Financial Crime

For the Fiserv Financial Crime Survey 2020, we asked fraud prevention professionals from across the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region for their views on financial crime and prevention, particularly in light of the pandemic.

Where Risk Meets Customer Experience: The Right Mix Through Smart Tech

Robust fraud and anti-money laundering solutions, powered by advanced analytics, are paving the way for advanced data collection, providing a more holistic view of customer behavior to better manage risk.

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