AML Risk Manager for Insurance

Life insurance can be an effective target for savvy criminals looking to launder money. Any life insurance or annuity product with a cash-out or investment value is a potential money laundering threat. However, not all anti-money laundering (AML) insurance solutions can detect more sophisticated financial crimes.

AML Risk Manager from Fiserv provides the comprehensive capabilities to detect, alert, manage and report money laundering threats to compliance officers, helping to streamline and simplify compliance with country-specific regulations and reporting requirements, and manage multiple currencies and languages. 

AML Risk Manager is a highly effective, versatile solution for brokers, agencies and enterprise-level companies alike, monitoring policyholders, beneficiaries, agents and employees for criminal activity.

AML Risk Manager also scans transactions and events involving policies, parties and products based on known insurance money laundering scenarios – such as lump sum payments, early withdrawals, frequent address changes or high-risk payment methods.

Working with Fiserv will optimize our ability to manage risk in an increasingly complex world so we can continue earning our customers’ trust.

– Steven A. Friedman
Executive Vice President, Chief Investment Officer
Pan-American Life Insurance Group

Comprehensive, Efficient and Adaptive AML Capabilities

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Enhanced analytics and detection techniques to uncover previously hidden compliance risks, identify more suspicious activity and reduce false positives


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Automated reporting and dashboards including customized data visualization to help meet regulatory and compliance requirements


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KYC scoring incorporating onboarding information and post-investigation intelligence


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Watch list matching supporting higher-volume processing and faster performance


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Robust profiling capability including rolling time periods


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Flexible platform that adapts to regulatory changes and optimizes operational efficiency


Integrated capabilities to effectively manage money-laundering risk and keep operational costs in check

Reporting and Enhanced Analytics

  • Multilayered approach detects financial crime through behavioral profiling, advanced analytics and risk scorecards as well as real-time, batch and peer group analysis
  • Automated, predefined regulatory and tax compliance reporting plus customizable dashboards enable quick analysis and decisive action
  • Evaluates risk alerts, based on machine-learning models and informed by historical outcomes of investigations, to more accurately identify, prioritize and process those alerts

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  • Increases accuracy and reduces false positives through integrated, customized alert and case management capabilities
  • Applies advanced inference strategies built on historical data analysis and outcomes of alert and case review to discover non-obvious transaction patterns 


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Watch List Filtering

  • Innovative matching analytics and robust alert and case management features reduce operational costs, mitigate compliance risks and help achieve long-term regulatory, operational and IT objectives
  • Screens data such as customers, accounts, counterparties, transactions and vendor information against sanctions and politically exposed persons (PEP) lists, as well as custom lists and those provided by third-party data service providers
  • Customer risk scoring

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Learn more about how AML Risk Manager for Insurance arms your compliance officers with processes and technology designed to support the specific needs and money laundering risks faced by insurance companies.

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Holistic AML Risk Monitoring Streamlines and Strengthens Compliance for Empire Life

A fragmented approach to anti-money laundering (AML) transaction and risk monitoring, manual risk assessments, increasing regulations and money laundering concerns created a burden for Empire Life’s compliance team. To address these concerns, the company implemented an objective risk ranking system to increase its compliance confidence.

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Insurance Company Strengthens Financial Crime Detection With Enterprisewide Solution

As a large mutual insurance company with millions of members, The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian) knew it could be a target for financial crime. To proactively address money laundering and fraud threats, the company implemented the Financial Crime Risk Management Platform from Fiserv.

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