AML Risk Manager for Insurance

Any life insurance or annuity product with a cash-out or investment value is a potential money laundering threat. AML Risk Manager from Fiserv provides the comprehensive capabilities to detect, alert, manage and report money laundering threats to compliance officers.

Life insurance can be an effective target for savvy criminals looking to launder money. However, not all anti-money laundering (AML) insurance solutions can detect more sophisticated financial crimes.

AML Risk Manager helps streamline and simplify compliance with country-specific regulations and reporting requirements, and manage multiple currencies and languages. It’s a highly effective, versatile solution for brokers, agencies and enterprise-level companies alike.

AML Risk Manager monitors policyholders, beneficiaries, agents and employees for criminal activity. It also scans transactions and events involving policies, parties and products based on known insurance money laundering scenarios, such as lump sum payments, early withdrawals, frequent address changes or high-risk payment methods.

Working with Fiserv will optimize our ability to manage risk in an increasingly complex world so we can continue earning our customers’ trust when it comes to protecting what matters most – their families, their businesses and their futures.

– Steven A. Friedman, Executive Vice President, Chief Investment Officer, Pan-American Life Insurance Group

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Comprehensive, Efficient and Adaptive AML Capabilities

Advanced analytics
to detect previously hidden compliance risk

Advanced detection techniques
to identify more suspicious activity and reduce false positives

KYC scoring
incorporating onboarding information and post-investigation intelligence

False-positive reduction
through fine-tuned scenarios and scores

Beneficial ownership
tools and link analysis

Robust profiling capability 
including rolling time periods

Watch list matching
supporting higher-volume processing and faster performance

Automated reporting and dashboards
including customized data visualization to help meet regulatory and compliance requirements

Flexible platform
that adapts to regulatory changes and optimizes operational efficiency

Learn more about our AML Risk Manager solutions:

Monitoring & Alerts

Monitoring of transactions and events involving policies, parties and products based on known insurance money laundering scenarios, with automated alerts ranked by risk. Learn more about AML Risk Manager Monitoring

AML Watch List Filtering

Screens client and vendor data against sanctions and PEP lists as well as custom and third-party lists. Supports regulatory compliance with organizations, such as the Office of Foreign Assets Control, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions and the United Nations. Learn more about AML Watch List Filtering

AML Case Management

Fully integrated case management solution to streamline compliance operations and help investigators organize, prioritize and manage investigations – while creating a permanent audit trail for regulatory review. Learn more about AML Case Management

AML Risk Manager Reporting

Enables self-service management reporting and data visualization, with automatically generated reports based on defined suspicious activity criteria. Configurable based on the specific reporting requirements imposed by local authorities or regulatory bodies such as FinCEN and FINTRAC. Learn more about AML Risk Manager Reporting

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