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Fiserv solutions lets you cater to your customers' billing presentment and payment preferences with a convenient and secure integrated approach to the billing and payment life cycle.

As a provider to more than 3,000 utility companies, Fiserv knows customers receive and pay their utility bills in more ways than ever before. This requires you to manage emerging billing and payment channels alongside traditional ones. We can help you streamline the billing and payment life cycle while helping you compete by providing the best customer experience.

Our Solution

Fiserv takes integrated approach that simplifies digital and paper-based billing and payments. This approach can result in accelerated revenue collection and improved customer engagement while reducing regulatory risk and cost.

Engagement Advantage provides a simple, straightforward and convenient billing and payments experiences across all channels with our scalable, flexible and secure billing solutions. Leverage our sophisticated messaging capabilities to enhance perception of your brand and influence customer behavior. And with Digital Payments SDK, businesses to accept customers' ACH or card payments through any digital channel.

Fiserv can help your organization:

  • Prepare the data to create bills and include personalized messages
  • Present the bills in printed and digital formats to distribute through mail, biller direct and bank channels
  • Enable your customers to pay using the channels they prefer
  • Protect your company from financial misstatements and potential write-offs
  • Replace paper checks for refunds with a simple, yet powerful Digital Disbursement process


Let the strength of Fiserv help your utility company:

  • Simplify your life by using one partner to manage the entire billing and payments life cycle
  • Cater to customer preferences by providing channel and payment options
  • Speed revenue collection by offering a full range of payment options
  • Engage customers by delivering the right message in the right channel to the right customer
  • Reduce regulatory compliance and security risk with solutions from a trusted industry provider
  • Leverage the same technology used by over 12,000+ businesses and financial institutions worldwide to process more than 30 billion digital payment transactions annually
  • Accept customers' ACH or card payments in near real-time through any digital channel





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