Bank Intelligence Solutions

Combining financial analysis, market analysis and expert advice, Bank Intelligence Solutions from Fiserv yield instant, objective conclusions to help maximize a bank’s franchise value.

High performers don't work harder — they just work on the right things.

This is the premise for our unique Bank Intelligence Solutions. We've developed a suite of decision and deployment tools to help you identify and implement the right strategies for your financial institution — making the best use of your finite resources to maximize your franchise value.

Our Solution

Our solution starts with your overriding objective: to maximize franchise value. From this vantage point, our on-demand tools and bank strategists navigate your bank through your best path to higher performance. You'll quickly arrive at the right solutions to target your most critical opportunities.

  • Identify: Where could you improve performance? Profit enhancement? Earnings growth? Risk management? Online advisory tools use volumes of industry data, along with peer group comparisons, to accurately pinpoint your deficiencies and most urgent priorities
  • Isolate: Our solution provides more granular research into specific deficiency areas. For example, we dive into your bank's customer data to further focus on the strongest areas of opportunity for cross-sell, retention and new originations
  • Implement: Now that we've accurately identified the right things to work on, we help you identify solutions for the job. Our automated Solution Mapping component answers "What Next" by connecting to products, services and resources that address your institution's specific situation. Our bank strategists collaborate with your team as an objective, experienced industry advisor. These business industry experts are knowledgeable about your institution, your changing market and effective strategies for achieving success


Bank Intelligence Solutions from Fiserv help you put the right strategy in motion to drive quick results. You'll easily navigate the myriad issues consuming your time. Our tools ensure you're working on the right things so your efforts produce the highest returns.

The combination of financial analysis, market analysis and expert advice addresses a wide range of potential decision points for any bank franchise:

  • Manage and plan operations strategically
  • Optimize incentive compensation
  • Predict budgets and profits accurately
  • Assess potential mergers and acquisitions thoroughly
  • Analyze branch site expansions and/or improvements
  • Investigate expansion into new markets
  • Prepare equity analyst presentations that cast your business in the best light
  • Assess effects of branch consolidation
  • Conduct effective customer/prospect research and plan targeted marketing campaigns

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