Small Business Banking Growth Strategy

Small businesses are the foundation of the economy in towns across the nation, yet few financial institutions focus on this market's needs. Fiserv small business segmentation methodology can help you grow these relationships and tap into a new customer growth.


Small Business Banking Growth Strategy from Fiserv helps you develop an approach that includes:

  • The implementation of an impactful segmentation methodology to meet small business banking needs
  • The bundling of products and services with an optimized pricing structure
  • The identification of technology gaps and solutions
  • The implementation of support services, including the training and education of bank personnel

Fiserv experts will help you identify what your bank has to offer small business customers, as well as what new products might be needed and business banking strategies to pull it all together. Based on data from the segmentation analysis, we will help you define an appropriate product bundle to meet the needs of each segment. We will also identify best-in-class solutions and partners you may need to complete the bundle.

To ensure that you have the technology you need to provide the products your small business customers demand, our team will coordinate closely with all areas of Fiserv that provide small business solutions. They will assess your needs and make sure you have access to the best, most comprehensive suite of products and services.
After your consulting team helps you identify the right products and technology you need to serve each small business customer segment, we will recommend a pricing and marketing approach that would enable you to retain and grow business from your current customer mix and attract new business.


  • Better understanding of business customers' needs
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Greater opportunity for customer growth
  • Enhanced customer loyalty

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