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Customer & Channel Management

Whether you want to better manage customer relationships across several screens or use new channels for marketing and loyalty programs, Fiserv offers a range of solutions to help you forge lasting relationships with customers.

Build Relationships Across Any Channel

You serve customers through many different channels. From traditional and in-store branches, drive-thrus and ATMs to remote facilities offering walk-in bill pay and merchant deposit capture, consumers demand choices and convenience. The trick is to stay ahead of the curve as technology and customer demands converge to create new service opportunities.

Shifting consumer behavior and expectations are profoundly impacting the way financial institutions deliver services across all banking and billing/payment channels.

Reach More People in More Ways

Consumers have different habits and preferences about the channels they use to accomplish different financial tasks. They expect the same information to be available on multiple channels, and they want the ability to initiate a transaction in one channel and complete it in another. And while some needs are best met by the branch, the teller or the customer service counter, for everyday needs consumers generally prefer self-service through mobile and online channels.

Channel reach and marketing through online banking, mobile banking, telephone banking, online account opening, electronic bill payment and walk-in are just some of the powerful opportunities available to reach more customers and serve them better. You can round out these cross-channel options with a range of relationship management services that can enhance and magnify your solutions, including loyalty and reward programs, direct marketing and professional toolkits.

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Solutions for Growth

Fiserv is pushing technology-driven customer relationship management to its full potential. Our solutions make use of new technologies to reach customers where they live, work and play.

Regardless of your product and service delivery channels or your customers' preferences, our customer relationship management and channel marketing services can deliver solutions to spur new account growth, account retention, expansion and profitability. All of our solutions are fortified with top-of-the-line security to ensure that every interaction is safe.

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Discover New Ways of Serving Customers

By taking advantage of affordable and convenient new ways of serving and communicating with your customers, you can help forge a lasting and more profitable relationship. Our customer relationship management products can help you:

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Communicate with customers anytime, anywhere from their mobile devices

customer satisfaction

Build greater customer satisfaction and loyalty

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Retain more business and cross-sell additional financial services

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Steer customers toward your most profitable channels

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Give customers greater choice and convenience in communication and account management

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