BEST-IN-CLASS Capabilities

Efficiency Manager

Maximize organizational performance with Efficiency Manager from Fiserv, a solution that enhances productivity, compliance and profitability by providing streamlined access to data and sharing capabilities across your enterprise.


  •  critical business

    Provide repeatable automation of critical business processes across various applications, including accounts payable, audits and dispute resolution.

  • data management

    Access tools for integrating and managing both physical and digital assets, whether it’s tracking physical assets or gaining easier access to digitized consumer loan data and documents.

  •  risk management

    Enhance compliance with regulatory requirements and minimize risks through structured processes. For example, Dispute Resolution allows you to administer disputed electronic transactions faster and promote more structured fiscal and compliance policies.

  • employee experience

    Improve experiences by streamlining interaction and management processes. For example, Human Resources streamlines onboarding and retention processes, which reduces costs and accelerates productivity.

Solutions to raise the bar for efficiency


Enhance productivity and speed up processes with automated, standardized operations across the enterprise.


Boost organizational efficiency by centralizing access to important information and resources.


Raise the bar for compliance to include digital documentation and deposit information processes.


Improve the experience for both clients and employees by streamlining interaction and management processes.

Create seamless standardization across your enterprise with technology designed to make banking processes easier.

Loan processing time decreased by



Reduction in account processing costs

Cut audit times by


Onboard new commercial clients

35% faster

Reduce costs, improve customer service and increase productivity with Nautilus® Efficiency Manager

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