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Notifi Alerts

Build relationships, prevent fraud and deliver the information consumers want now with NotifiSM Alerts from Fiserv.


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    Provide alerts from multiple systems and business lines across your enterprise – from online banking and account processing to cards and lending.

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    Deliver information whenever and however people want it, including text, push alerts, phone, email, etc. 

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    Enjoy up-to-the-minute notifications integrated across your existing and future banking ecosystem.

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    Leverage automated tools to let accountholders choose the types of alerts they receive, on which devices and, once they’ve received an alert, how to respond. 


See how financial institutions are connecting with consumers in a powerful way

Real-time alerts for a real-time world


Improve satisfaction and consumer engagement across all of the products and services they use.


Increase consumer touchpoints and keep them engaged with your financial institution.


Reduce fraud by alerting staff and consumers to any questionable activity as it happens.


Decrease servicing costs while freeing staff to focus on revenue-generating activities.

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