BEST-IN-CLASS Capabilities

Card Risk Office

Take advantage of personalized, consultative risk expertise and advanced technology to fight card fraud and mitigate losses while ensuring an optimal consumer payments experience.


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    Investigative analysts collaborate with you to determine appropriate solutions and strategies to mitigate your risk exposure.

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    Distinct service tiers provide the tools and support you need to assess potential effects of specific fraud situations affecting your cardholders and create a response plan.

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    Risk management strategies that cross organizational silos offer a seamless, multilayered defense against evolving fraud scenarios for improved detection and operational

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    Daily monitoring, analysis and reporting of identified fraud risk patterns, along with regular reviews, provide a powerful approach to fighting fraud.

Credit, debit and prepaid card investigative and consultative service you can leverage to manage the impact of fraud on your business


Achieve a balanced approach to risk management that minimizes fraud impacts and improves cardholder satisfaction.


Receive insights to proactively detect emerging fraud trends.


Reduce your card fraud exposure and loss‑of-fee income.


Get a single point of contact for risk questions.

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