BEST-IN-CLASS Capabilities

Notifi Events

Capture and deliver powerful insights into behaviors, trends and opportunities for growth and service with Notifi Events from Fiserv.


  • Comprehensive consumer activity data

    Analyze daily activities, such as loan payments, branch deposits, ATM withdrawals and online banking transfers to better understand, serve and proactively market to consumers.

  • Enterprise-wide data stream

    Access events from across your most important accountholder channels, including activity from your core account processing platform and digital channels.

  • real time events stream

    Leverage real-time information to build and monitor rewards programs, send action reports to fulfillment partners, or feed your data warehouse or other tools that provide insights across the enterprise.

  • Richer insights

    Access instant real-time access to those insights to manage and control event-based experiences for your institution and accountholders.

A seamless process to deliver data and insights


Trigger: Activity from your core account processing platform or digital banking channels begins the process.

Transmit: All activity is aggregated within the Notifi Events hub, then sent via API bridge directly to your institution.

Transform: You direct how these events are consumed by online banking and mobile channels, third-party partners and vendors, and routed to your data warehouse, CRM system, or analytics and reporting applications.

Data to transform your business


Improve efficiencies with robust, automated insights delivered via API.


Drive consumer engagement by tailoring experiences based on insights.


Boost satisfaction with more meaningful interactions delivered in real time.

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