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New Subscription Services for Payments Exchange: Fedwire



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Payments Exchange: Fedwire® from Fiserv makes wire transfer automation simple, secure, efficient and flexible.

Now you can enhance your wire transfer experience even more with two new subscription services for Payments Exchange: Fedwire.





Payments Exchange: Reporting

Expand reporting, beyond your current capabilities with dashboards generated by Tableau that enable you to create your own reports reflecting your specific needs and criteria. Payments Exchange: Reporting from Fiserv includes a library of reports that all users can access 24/7 for daily or monthly reporting, including dashboards and the ability to view online, print, download or export to a spreadsheet.

    • Access to wire history that is retained for up to 7 years
    • Saved queries for ad-hoc on-demand or scheduled reporting
    • Quick access to favorite and recently accessed reports
    • Training videos




Payments Exchange: Mobile Access

Give authorized users the ability to review, approve and verify wire activity, as well as review OFAC failed wires, from a mobile device. Payments Exchange: Mobile Access from Fiserv gives you the ability to:

    • Authorize the worklists that you want enabled for mobile approval
    • Authorize users who can approve wires from a mobile device
    • Assign separate dollar limits to users for mobile approval of each work list
    • View wire approval audit trail



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