Signature International

Signature® from Fiserv is a complete, real-time, SOA-based solution that delivers customization, system integration and business process improvement to traditional and non-traditional financial institutions around the world.


Highly scalable in mid-tier and large institutions in more than 40 countries, Signature provides a flexible and cost-effective solution for account processing. Signature is integrated with best-of-breed solutions from across Fiserv for a full enterprise-wide banking solution, delivering extensive functionality and flexibility to our client institutions. Perfectly suited for commercial and retail-focused banks, Signature is also available on an in-house or outsourced basis.

Our Solution

Banks need to be able to bring new products and services to market quickly and efficiently to respond to evolving consumer demands and stay ahead of the competition. This means creating an agile banking environment that can quickly and effectively respond to new requirements. Historically, this has been constrained by cumbersome upgrades and lengthy release cycles of core banking systems. Signature is a multi-lingual, dynamic, real-time, 24/7, multicurrency, multichannel banking solution designed to meet the enterprise needs of today's innovative banks.

Signature offers a comprehensive, scalable environment for bank processing, providing automated customer relationship management, product design, transaction processing and financial management. With its flexible and integrated structure, you have the ability to offer more than ever before, tailored exactly to your unique specifications.

Signature® International Modernization on IBM Hybrid Cloud

In line with continuous innovation for our clients, Fiserv is working with IBM to provide a flexible roadmap to include Signature cloud-native workloads on Red Hat® OpenShift®, to run natively on IBM’s latest Power10 processor-based servers.


Signature enables agile banking by allowing you to bypass traditional release and testing cycles to bring products and services to market quickly and effectively with:

  • Feature packs, which are small installable packages that deliver new features without the need to upgrade the entire system. These enable more frequent, incremental changes, avoiding the costs and time associated with a full release upgrade 
  • Comprehensive test scripts, updated with every feature pack 
  •  An integration platform providing a rapid means of integrating third-party systems to Signature, enabling you to connect multiple systems 
  • An upgrade-while-active facility allows you to deploy changes while the system is still online, minimizing interruption to business operations 
  • Continuous processing allows you to provide customer services 24/7, including teller systems in branches, new account services and loans applications – wherever, whenever


Experience Signature International


Balancing consumer expectations for seamless digital experiences with evolving operational and compliance requirements can be challenging for any financial institution. Signature provides a secure, flexible foundation to ensure your institution is future-ready. Our componentized approach and microservices architecture enable incremental integration of new technologies with minimal risk.

Digital enablement portal gives
you access to:

  • An easy-to-use core banking UI
  • A UI driven entirely by microservices, which are available for integration with core banking
  • An API portal that allows you to build innovative services, create digital experiences and easily integrate your business application with our banking solutions

Get hands-on access to Microservices for Signature, Unified UI for Signature and more through a sandbox environment in a Fiserv demo area.


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