Aperio Online Account Opening

Aperio Online Account Opening from Fiserv combines online and cross-channel business process capabilities to deliver flexible account opening to your customers via the online channel.


What if you could attract new customers, increase wallet share from your current clients and grow your institution with efficient, secure online account opening? What if you could minimize your risk and deliver immediate access to newly opened accounts to your customers?

Aperio Online Account Opening is an account creation and cross-selling solution that allows prospects and customers to open multiple accounts online - anytime, anywhere. And because it is seamlessly integrated with your website and with manned channels such as in the branch or call center, applicants can begin in one channel and finish in another without restarting the process or re-entering data and staff can complete applications online on behalf of customers, enabling a smooth transition across channels and better customer service.

By using online origination your customers can begin their banking relationship with you quickly and easily, leading to higher customer satisfaction, and you can enjoy the cost savings of superior service delivery via an un-manned channel. The ability to begin a banking relationship online can also expand your reach by attracting Generation X and Y consumers, as well as market segments uninterested in traditional banking channels.

The solution is also integrated with the Signature® core and other host platforms to ensure that new accounts are open and ready for use at the end of the account opening process.


With Aperio Online Account Opening applicants can enroll with your institution anytime, anywhere, via an internet connection. You can deploy the solution across all delivery channels: websites, home banking systems, kiosks, branch lobbies and off-site events. Your financial institution can be assured that all applications will be processed and evaluated using the same qualifications, and that all products and services will be consistently promoted to the people most likely to participate, regardless of how, when, where or by whom the application was processed.

  • Customer acquisition: Capture and view information in one place at any given time without creating a new account 
  • Engagement history: Increase your understanding of each customer's full relationship with your organization 
  • Integrated ID verification and authentication: Easily verify the customer's identity and address and ensure all steps take place for validation 
  • Account acquisition: Checking and Savings - provides an intuitive work flow for account opening, enabling staff to easily open accounts in less time and with fewer errors 
  • Integrated risk scoring: Identify if the customer's risk profile is in line with bank policies before bringing the customer onboard 
  • Intelligent prompts: Provides real-time intelligence to bank representatives, allowing them to present relevant, personal offers to your customers at the right time and via the right channel 
  • Document production: Manage document production and formatting within one application

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