Data Warehouse for Signature

Data Warehouse for Signature® from Fiserv is an affordable and operational data store which delivers consistent, actionable data to the desktop.


Stringent reporting requirements, economic uncertainty and fierce competition require bank executives to have a clear picture of their business. They need a single version of the truth to answer critical questions, finetune strategies and make mid-course corrections.

Data Warehouse for Signature is an operational data store that consolidates and delivers consistent data to bank management for reporting. It provides a single version of the truth in management reporting resulting in improved decision making, while also increasing productivity and reducing risk.

Using fully integrated tools, Data Warehouse provides the functionality and flexibility financial institutions require in meeting business and regulatory requirements. It lets users store, aggregate, and report data from multiple platforms and sources to deliver an accurate picture of business operations on a daily or longer term basis.

The solution includes:

  • Automatic data loads via Rodin ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool to ensure data consistency 
  • Day-to-day operational reporting from the ODS 
  • Sample operational dashboards and queries 
  • Rules defined security and customized views for different user groups 
  • Sophisticated query and reporting capabilities

At Fiserv, we help financial institutions evaluate and manage their businesses. With Data Warehouse for Signature, there is no guesswork, and no journeys into the unknown. With reliable, consistent data your decision-making becomes powerful, reliable and informed.


Data Warehouse provides an efficient and effective way to create ad hoc and custom reporting and operational dashboards from the Signature account processing platform. In addition to reporting, the solution provides basic hierarchies and trending, standard and custom views, data standardization and financial reporting.

To ensure consistency, Data Warehouse uses RODIN from Coglin Mill, to automate the data extract, transform and load (ETL) process, and optimize data collection and integration. Using the ETL tool, data is extracted, transformed and loaded into the ODS. The ODS is a DB2/ UDB database that is cleared and refreshed nightly to provide up-to-date operational reporting. The software ensures data integrity – at the table, row or column level – and enforces business rules for data consistency, automatically documenting all rules and transformations in an active metadata repository. Once collected, ODS data can be moved into a Fiserv or third party analytics solution for further reporting and analysis.

To prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information, an administration module grants users access to data, reports and dashboards based on their group and user profile. Users can subscribe to dashboards and personalize their environment.

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