Aperio Interaction Optimizer

Aperio™ Interaction Optimizer from Fiserv, powered by Pitney Bowes, retrieves information from across your organization and combines business rules and predictive analytics, from Aperio Customer Analytics from Fiserv or your financial institution's own analytics engine, into a centralized decision center.


Customers are a financial institution's number one asset – and optimizing interactions to meet a customer's needs should be at the forefront of any bank's strategy. With Aperio Interaction Optimizer, banks can:

  • Delight customers by preempting needs 
  • Recommend relevant and timely sales or service to customers 
  • Minimize defections by making it easier for customers to do business 
  • Ensure compliance with company policies and regulations 
  • Minimize risk exposure and deter fraud

Aperio Interaction Optimizer provides a flexible infrastructure that allows your organization to take a simple approach to sales and service by implementing straightforward business rules such as:

  • Gathering information about the customer rather than cross-selling 
  • Offering a particular product as part of a strategy to gain market share 
  • Or taking no action at all if unresolved issues exist 

Consistent interactions drive exceptional customer experiences, and Aperio Interaction Optimizer allows you to manage your customers' experiences by delivering consistently great customer service across all channels (i.e., online, contact center, retail branch, kiosk or ATM). Aperio Interaction Optimizer makes it easy to design and deploy the right interaction recommendation for each opportunity, no matter when, where or how a customer chooses to interact with your organization.


Aperio Interaction Optimizer performs the following steps for every interaction:

  • Identifies the customer – including history and preferences 
  • Generates real time recommendations for that customer based on your business rules and analytical models 
  • Captures the results of the recommendation for monitoring and continuous improvement

The result is an "always-on marketing machine" that's ready for any inbound interaction. This converts your inbound interactions into revenue and loyalty by allowing you to apply your strategies in real time to do what's right for the customer:

  • Real time treatment strategies delivered to the point of interaction
  • Consistent interactions across all channels
  • Rich analytics combined with business rules for each customer
  • Intuitive interface makes even complex strategies easy to create and deploy

Aperio Interaction Optimizer can be deployed as a stand-alone module or as part of the integrated Aperio for Signature® solution. This flexibility provides more options for you to meet immediate business needs.

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