Payment Switch

Reliable handling of transaction processing throughout the entire transaction life cycle is critical.  Payment switch from Fiserv is available to internationally-based customers and provides financial institutions and organizations with the secure, reliable solution they need.


From device driving to authorization support, the switch provides dependable operation of complex transaction processing through a fully integrated, end-to-end solution that covers the full range of services needed to complete the transaction life cycle. The switch is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Payment Application Data Security Standard.

With many successful implementations in numerous countries and billions of transactions processed annually, Fiserv has the expertise to handle the complex switching needs of financial institutions, independent sales organizations, merchants and third-party processors.


  • Gain the flexibility to acquire, process, clear and settle credit and debit card payment transactions from any touch point across any network in real time
  • Improve control by driving and monitoring dial-up and direct-attached devices 
  • Reduce your cost of ownership through a cost-effective, Windows-based server platform and no third-party service fees 
  • Speed time to market by easily adding ATMs or POS device terminals with no downtime 
  • Improve operating efficiency by using proven technology and commonly used software 
  • Increase revenue per transaction by leveraging the system's surcharging option 
  • Improve reliability with real-time authorizations and guaranteed 100 percent availability 
  • Simplify the task of adding, editing and deleting terminal and merchant data with a Web-based data management tool 
  • Gain a competitive advantage and grow market share by offering multi-currency dispensing, kiosk functionality, couponing and value-added card products 
  • Offer customers Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) at ATMs as an optional service, when they travel to foreign countries

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