POSH™ Payment Switch is a robust and flexible terminal management, authorization and switching solution for payment transaction systems.

POSH is an ATM and POS terminal management, authorization and switching solution for payment cards and payment transaction systems. From device driving to authorization support, POSH provides dependable operation of complex transaction processing through a fully integrated, end-to-end product with the entire range of services needed to complete the transaction life cycle.

With POSH, you can:

  • Provide new revenue streams and opportunities to the existing acquiring business of your institution
  • Differentiate, modernize and enhance your merchants' POS experience
  • Leverage your merchant network in innovative and cost-effective ways through a software platform for POS applications development, limited only by your creativity
  • Drive more traffic to your merchants through a simple, yet highly advanced, cloud POS Apps delivery solution
  • Support a plethora of terminal hardware accompanied by a modern terminal management system
  • A highly secure, reliable, proven and fully compliant Payments Switch with flexible terminal management

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