Aperio Campaign Management

Aperio™ Campaign Management from Fiserv empowers marketing departments to drive one-to-one personalized customer campaigns that are optimized and automated for the customer lifecycle, maximizing the value of existing and future customer relations - across all marketing channels.


Your customers are buried in more and more marketing noise every day, making it more difficult to get your message heard. Smart marketers know that only a highly focused, integrated, multi-channel strategy will be sufficient to cut through the noise and compete for valuable customer mindshare.

With Aperio Campaign Management, your organization can finally run automated outbound marketing campaigns for sales, service and feedback management that are highly customized for the individual.

  • Achieve mass personalization of customer communications 
  • Respond faster to customers with event-triggered marketing 
  • Define and automate customer life-cycle best practices 
  • Report on marketing effectiveness with built-in reporting 
  • Connect to all your customer data without duplication

The Aperio Campaign Management solution, powered by Pitney Bowes, goes beyond traditional campaign management and converts your traditional marketing campaigns into powerful customer dialogs. The key to effective customer management is two-way communication, which includes direct mail and e-mail marketing campaigns, customer response forms on your website, online questionnaires, telemarketing dialogs and more. And our integrated suite contains all the tools you need for modeling these customer dialogs via an intuitive, graphical interface.


Aperio Campaign Management includes the following features:

  • Selection designer: Allows for easy selection of customer segmentation and targeting criteria 
  • Dialog designer: Your central control panel for defining marketing programs, processes and events 
  • Message designer: Helps you create highly personalized, automated emails, letters, SMS campaigns and social media posts 
  • Report designer: Allows you to add automated auditability to all your marketing campaigns to get everyone on the same page 
  • Customer view: Provides account managers with new levels of visibility into campaign exposure 
  • Telemarketing web: Deploys your telemarketing campaigns through your customer facing call centers 
  • Customer web access: Allows your customers to create their own personalized web page on your site

The technology behind Aperio Campaign Management has been deployed for campaigns in not only English but also Spanish, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, German and more. Now your organization can manage multiple, multilanguage campaigns - in a single solution. With end-to-end automation capabilities for engaging your customers across all channels, in multiple languages, Aperio Campaign Management for marketers empower your financial institution to more effectively meet the ever-changing needs of your market base.

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