DocPlus for Signature

DocPlus™ for Signature® from Fiserv enables you to successfully generate, print and distribute customized documents that meet the unique requirements of your financial services institution.


Fully integrated with Aperio and core financial services systems including Signature and others, DocPlus provides the ability to create customized letters, forms, quotations, notices, and other materials. By adopting your own unique set of standards, including formatting, font and colors, your institution can ensure a consistent look across all documents to reinforce your brand. The solution offers a variety of features designed to improve your organization's operational efficiency and improve customer response times.

Using DocPlus for Signature, institutions can customize existing correspondence and forms to address their organization's unique needs and client preferences by simplifying the ability to modify existing text, move around or delete fields from documents, and add fields or graphics. The DocPlus "drag and drop" interface allows you to customize the look and content of existing documents to improve your organization's image. The point-and-click feature is also user-friendly, requiring no programming.

The DocPlus intuitive user interface (UI) allows you to define rules that determine the requirements of a generated document. User-defined rules generate documents automatically once requirements are met. This ensures that documents are quickly and easily created from plain text data and targeted notices are generated based on conditions set by the user. For example, a requirement could be set that prompts DocPlus to send a notice to a customer when his or her account has been overdrawn by a certain monetary amount.


DocPlus is a document customization tool that allows clients to take the current notices, correspondence and forms and customize them to meet their specific needs without programming expertise. To reduce costs further, DocPlus eliminates preprinted forms, which not only ensures accuracy and efficiency, but also eliminates the need for physical storage space. For multi-national institutions, DocPlus supports templates for multiple languages, including double-byte, within a single institution. This enables you to produce multi-lingual documents from a single source.

In addition, you can:

  • Quickly and easily create unique, compelling documents from plain text data streams 
  • Eliminate pre-printed forms and reduce costs 
  • Automatically generate targeted notices based on predefined conditions 
  • Craft branded, customized communications to clients 
  • "Drag and drop" interface modifies existing text, fields and graphics
  • Enable print, fax, email and SMS distribution

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