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Signature® International Modernization on IBM Hybrid Cloud

Accelerating application modernization can deliver agile and ground-breaking services on private or hybrid cloud service deployments. Our test with IBM provides evidence.

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IBM and Fiserv conducted an IBM Garage Laboratory test to evaluate the benefits of running Microservices for Signature and UUI using Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, all running on the Power10 IBM i platform.


The objectives were:

  • Show how all elements worked together seamlessly on the same platform
  • Determine the possible throughput on IBM Power
  • Explore how to utilize spare resources on the IBM i for running Microservices workloads

This load was achieved:

  • With the Red Hat OpenShift Cluster load on the Worker nodes at 50% CPU and memory at 30%
  • The IBM i load for the Core was 50% CPU