Signature Feature Pack Updates

To help create a more optimized solution for clients, we made enhancements to Signature® from Fiserv that deliver added functionality. These enhancements are presented through feature pack releases specifically designed to maximize the power of Signature.


The latest feature pack releases offer a range of new features to help ensure customers maximize the functionality of the Signature platform. New features include:

  • DataView Dashboard – Enables clients to exploit the rich data within Signature and transform it into actionable data insights
  • Event Driven Fees – Signature clients are able to create predictable events, making real-time charging completely automatic
  • FATCA Data Collections – Helps financial institutions remain compliant with FATCA legislation and avoid severe financial penalties
  • IASP Support Feature Pack – Provides support for the (IASP) Independent Auxiliary Storage Pool facility that enables High Availability for critical objects on the IBMi operating system
  • Treasury Connect for Signature – Connects Signature users to Visual Risk, a third party advanced, cloud-based treasury system enabling treasury positions to be correctly represented on the Signature general ledger
  • Factoring and Leasing for Signature – Via the feature pack connectivity Signature users can access a range of third party factoring and leasing services that enable them to seamlessly offer business finance services to their customers

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