Aperio Operational Back Office

AperioOperational Back Office from Fiserv ensures that your business and back office processes become your strength rather than an excuse for not meeting your customers' expectations and needs. A component of Aperio Operational CRM Platform, the solution enables financial institutions to focus on efficiency, profit and service.


Too often ineffective business processes stall a financial institution's growth. Aperio removes those roadblocks and enables you to focus on efficiency, profit and service.

Imagine what your back office personnel could accomplish if they had the following:

  • Automatic prompts to make certain employees do not miss a step or override a mandatory field or bank required process 
  • Smart technology to ensure appropriate and accurate documents are created according to your defined requirements and presented to the employee as part of the business process 
  • Pre-filled customer data to eliminate data entry errors

To operate at maximum potential, you need processes that run smoothly, efficiently and can be managed in such a way that business process improvements become second nature.


Aperio Operational Back Office provides immediate business benefits through the following functional capabilities. Each functional capability works together to give your organization increased efficiency by simplifying complex processing, lowering costs and increasing your flexibility to meet market demands.

  • Engagement history: Increases your understanding of each customer's full relationship with your organization 
  • Customer servicing: Increase the speed and efficiency of your staff while delighting customers with quicker, improved service 
  • Account servicing: Through pre-built and configurable workflows for front office account servicing, all channels are integrated to create a single view of the customer regardless of touchpoint 
  • Task-based workflow: Allows your system administrators to set priorities, assignments, escalations and other tasks based on changing business needs 
  • Document production: Easily manage document production and formatting for required business processes within one application

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