Aperio Customer Analytics

Aperio™ Customer Analytics from Fiserv puts rapid customer segmentation and predictive modeling tools powered by 3D visualization into the hands of your financial institution's marketing, sales and service teams.


Aperio Customer Analytics turns isolated analysts and dispersed line-of-business managers into dynamic analysis teams that initiate investigations, share results, compare notes, refine strategies and improve outcomes.

It starts with robust customer analysis tools, predictive algorithms and graphical visualization capabilities.Then adds two important layers that release the full power of these best-of-breed analytics tools: a collaborative framework and self-service analytics. The solution, fueled by Pitney Bowes, is a predictive modeling environment that helps you discover what is most likely to happen in the future.

Rather than imposing pre-determined models on to your data, the Aperio Customer Analytics generates predictive models from your data. It then applies these models to show you which customer segments are most likely to defect and which are most likely to take up a special offer.


Aperio Customer Analytics delivers on the promise of business intelligence for any B2C organization:

  • Increase the speed of decision-making - improving the responsiveness of the enterprise 
  • Seize new profit opportunities - such as cross-selling, up-selling, increased campaign response, sales-from- service, defection prevention, etc. 
  • Drive down the cost of analysis - while increasing the number and type of questions you can ask 
  • Support customer-centric thinking - and drive it throughout the organization 
  • Free up power analysts - to add real value to the business instead of simply managing queries and reports 
  • Extend the power of customer data - to the largest possible universe of business managers 
  • Add power to existing applications and BI resources - with easy integration that releases the potential locked in closed databases

Because Aperio solutions analyze interactions in real time, customer treatment strategies and processes are tested, validated and continuously improved. Evaluate, engage, evolve ... repeat.

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