Branch Evolution and the Future of Delivery

In the minds of your accountholders – whether individual consumers or businesses – the experience you provide defines your financial institution’s brand in the marketplace. 

The branch is an important channel in the overall experience with your financial institution. As consumer preferences shift toward digital for transactions, the branch becomes the go-to place to strengthen relationships. 

Where Do Consumers Want to Bank?

Digital expectations are changing

Physical locations
still matter

29% of consumers

prefer digital interactions

34% of accountholders

prefer face-to-face

37% of accountholders want both*

* Source: Raddon Research Insights 2020

Align Digital Capabilities With the Physical Space

A successful branch strategy enables financial institutions to strengthen consumer and business relationships, deepen employee engagement and drive operational efficiencies, all of which ultimately help build your brand. Improve experiences and gain efficiencies by extending the benefits of digital banking - speed, convenience, self-service and security - into the branch.

Our strategic guidance and innovative technology solutions help financial institutions simplify the complexities of branch evolution across all delivery channels. With a solid digital strategy and updated branch technology, you'll be prepared to adapt to changing behaviors. We can support you in every aspect including account processingadvisory servicesbranch automationcontent managementdeposit optimizationdigital solutions, and infrastructure services.

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Our Solutions

Design the Best Strategy for Your Financial Institution

To guide your branch evolution, you need a solid foundational strategy.


Strengthen Relationships and Build a Better Brand

Consumers want consistent experiences, whether on their phones, online or in person.

Gain New Efficiencies With Innovative Solutions

From branch automation to authentication, technology can drive a better experience for staff and accountholders.

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