Teller Cash Recyclers

Relying on manual teller cash drawers can mean longer customer or member wait times and slow and inefficient cash processing. Bring the branch transformation initiative to your teller lines with Teller Cash Recyclers from Fiserv, automating teller cash handling and increasing branch efficiency while adding consumer-facing value to your branch staff. 

Automating teller line cash management gives tellers more time to focus on customer relationships and other value-add services. People don't have to wait as long for their transactions, which provides a better customer experience, and the increased efficiency and productivity can flow through your entire branch. And because Teller Cash Recyclers is easy to use and reliable, your tellers will be happier, too!

Enable More Efficient In-Branch Cash Handling



Tellers/branch staff

Reduce teller time
required for daily cash
counting and check-in/
check-out operations

Increase productivity

Reduce buys/sells to vault

Customer experience 

Faster, more efficient

More time for tellers
to address complex
customer needs

Branch operations

Save time and reduce
transaction costs
via automated daily

Increase branch-level security

An integral part of branch
transformation strategy

Tightly integrated with Fiserv core teller applications and other cash management solutions, Teller Cash Recyclers automates cash handling for faster, more efficient transactions with fewer errors. Teller Cash Recyclers can determine denominations and verify authenticity without making consumers wait; in-line cash monitoring and automated reconciliation improves cash management.

Customers and members will love that tellers can help them with their financial needs, not just count cash.

Teller Cash Recyclers: Empower Branch Tellers to Provide Faster, More Efficient Service  

Consumers expect speed and efficiency at branches – they don't want to wait while cash is manually counted

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