Branch Evolution – A Fiserv Podcast

For financial institutions, the role of the branch in meeting accountholder needs continues to evolve. In this podcast series, we explore how consumer preferences and technology are impacting the branch in some expected and some surprising ways, and what financial institutions can do to make the most of their branch strategy.



Consumers’ Changing Branch Preferences 

April 2021

  • Caroline Vahrenkamp, Senior Research Analyst, Raddon, a Fiserv Company

Consumers expectations around digital capabilities for moving and managing their money continue to increase. Online and mobile banking, digital account opening, digital loan origination – these are all threats to the future of the physical branch. Or so we thought. Join us as we speak with Raddon® Senior Research Analyst Caroline Vahrenkamp about how recent research shows an unexpected trend. When it comes to financial services, consumers want it all. They want the convenience of digital and mobile channels, but they also want an in-person experience for certain services. The future of the branch isn’t that it will disappear but, rather, that it will evolve.

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Strengthen the Accountholder Experience and Build a Better Brand

May 2021

  • Karen Kislin, Strategic Advisor, Raddon, a Fiserv Company
  • Jaime Dominguez, Director, Product Strategy, Account Processing Fiserv

Like any business, the strength of a financial institution’s brand in the market it serves can be a key driver for growth and success. Accountholder satisfaction is one of the three pillars of a strong brand, so what can you do to help keep customers or members satisfied? Hear from Karen Kislin, strategic advisor at Raddon®, and Jaime Dominguez, director of Product Strategy at Fiserv, about the role that trust, efficiency and an omnichannel experience play in keeping accountholders satisfied and loyal to your financial institution.

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Turn Branches Into Relationship Builders

June 2021

  • Heidi Laviero, Client Solutions Consultant, Fiserv

As more consumers turn to digital channels for simple transactions, the in-person experiences that bring accountholders into the branch become more important. The key to helping those experiences turn into long-term relationships? Your branch employees. We speak with Fiserv Client Solutions Consultant Heidi Laviero about the evolving and expanding role of branch employees into branch “all stars” with skills in advising, cross-selling and championing technology.

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Gain branch efficiencies with innovative technology solutions

July 2021

  • James Lubeck, Director, Client Solutions Consulting

Branch evolution still means different things to different financial institutions, but two key goals are common: improving the consumer-employee relationship and making branch operations as efficient as possible. Join our conversation with James Lubeck, director of Client Solutions Consulting at Fiserv, as we discuss how to use technology to streamline branch operations while building a better accountholder experience. From implementing self-service solutions such as Interactive Branch Kiosk to taking a strategic approach to right-sizing your branch footprint, there are a multitude of ways to gain new efficiencies from your branches

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Design the Best Delivery Strategy for Your Financial Institution 

August 2021

  • Terry Johnson, Advisory Services Consultant at Fiserv

Defining and implementing your financial institution’s delivery strategy is not a one-size-fits-all initiative. And it’s not something you do once and call it done. Finding the right approach for your market, your business and your consumers is an ongoing, continually evolving process.

Through our discussion with Terry Johnson, Advisory Services Consultant at Fiserv, we learn about the branch evolution roadmap, which guides financial institutions through the analysis, strategy and execution of an institution’s unique delivery approach. With thoughtful, data-based planning, you can find the strategy that gives you the maximum impact with minimal cost.

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Branch Evolution and the Future of Delivery

In the minds of your accountholders – whether individual consumers or businesses – the experience you provide defines your financial institution’s brand in the marketplace.

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