Publisher for DNA

Extend your strategic vision from the boardroom to the front line with Publisher for DNA® from Fiserv, a customizable portal page providing access to all solutions in the CRM and Business Intelligence suite and beyond.


Publisher for DNA from Fiserv gives your staff a personalized, single point of access for viewing customer and account information from a variety of sources – both within and outside the CRM and Business Intelligence suite from Fiserv – to enhance front-line support, marketing and reporting.

This robust solution allows you to deliver report data, charts and graphs to browser-based knowledge portals that can be personalized to each employee's role and preferences, helping your staff plan marketing initiatives effectively. Publisher enables customized, browser-based access to published resources such as internal documents, spreadsheets, reports, marketing brochures/flyers and staff communications; rate sheets and other product data; and URLs for sites that are frequently used within the organization.

With Publisher you can:

  • Quickly populate portals with data from other sources
  • Use the report scheduler function to deliver up-to-date information
  • Save time and money by eliminating paper reports


  • Highly customizable: Customize pre-built data views for individuals or groups with similar needs and empower staff members to customize their own Publisher pages
  • Comprehensive dashboard: Display summaries such as sales totals, branch performance and service levels in a variety of formats tailored to each employee's requirements

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