Marketing Analytics for DNA

Gain critical knowledge about customers, prospects, business lines and products with Marketing Analytics for DNA® from Fiserv, a single source of information that helps to broaden your business intelligence capabilities and implement targeted marketing campaigns.


Marketing Analytics for DNA from Fiserv captures detailed information about your customers and their activities that your financial institution can use for enterprise decision reporting, segmentation and campaign management.

The solution's browser-based, point-of-service features enable you to share valuable intelligence about people, accounts and households directly with your staff for use in support, analytics, reporting and marketing.

Marketing Analytics helps you conduct campaign targeting, perform product profitability assessments, analyze the depth of each relationship and identify cross-sell opportunities. You'll gain insights to help you measure ROI for each marketing campaign, so you can determine pricing, campaign incentives and a break-even response rate while focusing resources more effectively in the future.

With Marketing Analytics you can:

  • Use Customer Value Indexing to determine the past, current and future value of relationships
  • Assign expenses, fees and margins for each product type
  • Compute a profit contribution value for each account, person and household


  • Powerful data collection and analysis: Marketing Analytics gathers information primarily from transaction systems and allows this information to be further summarized by performing "customerization," householding, Customer Value Indexing (CVI), relative profitability calculations and campaign results analysis
  • CRM and Business Intelligence suite integration: Marketing Analytics integrates with Profitability Analysis for DNA and Report Writer for DNA to yield even more meaningful insights
  • Point-of-service component: The solution enables front-line employees and sales staff to utilize the knowledge gained from campaigns, householding and CVI to enhance their interactions and manage customer relationships more successfully

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