Report Writer for DNA

Simplify the ad hoc reporting process with Report Writer for DNA® from Fiserv, an enterprise-wide, Web-based query and report writing tool that delivers the information you want the way you want to receive it.


Report Writer for DNA from Fiserv is a powerful, flexible report generator that meets a wide range of needs, from simple lists to complex summary reports. No matter how complex the report, this solution enables simplified views, essentially collapsing multiple tables into one.

Because it is integrated with the DNA account processing platform and compatible with application databases such as Oracle®, DB2® and SQL Server®, Report Writer can report on data from multiple databases on multiple platforms. To simplify report distribution, this tool enables you to print or save reports as PDFs or e-mail them to individuals or groups.

With Report Writer you can:

  • Aggregate data in a single view from multiple sources, such as account processing, investment, lending, general ledger, marketing and insurance systems
  • Customize data views easily by collapsing and renaming tables and data elements with user-friendly names


  • Offers flexible report template options: Choose from a variety of pre-programmed, included reports or create your own report design and layout
  • Supports numerous output formats: Including electronic files such as comma-separated or PDF files, spreadsheets, and Microsoft® MapPoint
  • Integrates with Publisher for DNA: Enabling you to schedule daily, weekly or monthly report runs and distribute to team members

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