CRM & Business Intelligence

Information is a powerful tool for improving your organization's performance. CRM and Business Intelligence solutions from Fiserv help you leverage information to analyze performance, gain valuable insights into customer behavior and enhance relationships.

CRM and Business Intelligence from Fiserv is a suite of products to help you transform raw data into actionable business intelligence you can use to increase performance, understand your customers better and enhance profitability.

The robust solutions in the CRM and Business Intelligence suite are designed to:

  • Deliver useful intelligence to all of your customer touch points
  • Prepare and analyze reports
  • Track, measure and evaluate marketing programs for cost-efficiency and effectiveness
  • Improve the service experience for your customers
  • Help you make informed business decisions

The solutions can be implemented independently or used together to deliver even greater power.

Many solutions in the CRM and Business Intelligence suite integrate data from the DNA® account processing platform and other sources to provide a complete view of customers, products, transactions, channels and more.

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