Commercial Banking

Commercial banking customers require expanded relationships and specific product needs. Businesses are willing to pay more for tailored services from their financial institutions, making these partnerships particularly valuable.

Fiserv knows business customers are valued as clients because they have the potential to become a significant source of fee-based revenue. With commercial solutions from Fiserv, your financial institution can form strong relationships, ensure long-term growth and profitable returns from the businesses you serve. Fiserv offers a complete set of sophisticated commercial banking solutions for medium-sized and larger businesses. Financial institutions of any size can compete successfully in the commercial market if they offer the right tools.

Our Solution

Fiserv commercial solutions offer your medium and large customers products that align with their specific goals. This market segment requires streamlined self-service, visibility and control, and a greater need to manage risk than smaller counterparts. Your financial institution will maximize fees and balances while your customers leverage every investable dollar, manage transactions and expedite secure payments. Our risk solutions allow them to monitor unauthorized account activity, protecting their accounts and your bank.

Using Fiserv technology to target these distinct business customer segments, your financial institution can create bundles of services tailored to individual needs, attracting new business, growing your deposits and generating fee revenue. By providing a personal touch and helping your customers become better organized and save time, you'll ensure a long and profitable banking relationship.


With commercial solutions from Fiserv, you can:

  • Build long-lasting and profitable relationships with your business banking customers
  • Increase income by offering new fee-generating services
  • Develop more qualified cross-sales opportunities
  • Become the one-stop shop for all of your customers' business banking needs
  • Provide secure, integrated services to your business customers
  • Build your loan portfolio through new commercial lending
  • Satisfy the banking needs of any size or type of business

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