Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

MFA from Fiserv offers several advanced alternatives to help protect your financial institution against online banking fraud. Without devoting significant resources to the process, you can enhance online security and maintain compliance with banking regulations.


  • Available for Cleartouch, Precision, Premier

A dramatic rise in threats to security is prompting financial institutions to identify, analyze and enhance security processes. Multifactor authentication (MFA), the use of a second level of customer authentication in addition to the standard user ID and password, is one of the most effective ways to deter fraudulent online activity. MFA offers two effective options to protect your Internet banking customers: MFA Security Tokens and MFA Device Security.

MFA Device Security

MFA Device Security is a password-enhanced device fingerprint solution that identifies each customer based on a password and the specific computer being used. The solution is available for your consumer and business online banking customers.

MFA Device Security assures your organization that the customer is legitimate, and for your customers, confirms that they are truly at your financial institution's website.

MFA Security Tokens

When logging in to Internet banking sessions using MFA Security Tokens, customers use both a random one-time password (OTP), and their personal identification number (PIN). A new OTP is generated by a security token – a small, portable device – during each login. Available for your business Internet banking customers, these connectionless devices provide an air gap between the token and the network. The tokens cannot be duplicated, remotely hacked or spoofed.


MFA Device Security

  • Electronic fingerprint: MFA Device Security examines the customer's computer and registers it based on a number of characteristics to create a one-of-a-kind electronic fingerprint that it verifies each time a customer logs in. This prevents criminals from accessing a customer' account, even if they possess the user ID and password
  • Supplemental authentication: For customers with more than one PC, supplemental authentication confirms the user's identity. This authentication may include answering questions, or entering a one-time password received via email

MFA Security Tokens

  • Quick activation: Delivered in an unregistered state, tokens are activated by customers during their Internet banking session. It takes just a few seconds to gather a token's serial number and define a PIN. A security question and email address are also gathered to assist in reporting a lost or damaged token
  • Customizable tokens: Available for licensing in a variety of styles, tokens can be customized to fit your financial institution's corporate branding

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