ARP/SMSTM from Fiserv is a hosted, real-time positive pay and reconcilement system that streamlines back office operations, reduces the risk of fraud and enables you to provide broader services and new treasury management offerings.


Financial institutions must keep pace with the products and services their customers demand, while simultaneously reducing costs, improving efficiency and protecting against the ever-present risk of fraud. ARP/SMS (Account Reconciliation Package/Service Management System) helps you meet all of these goals, while also providing an easy, cost-effective way to expand your treasury management offerings for clients.

With ARP/SMS, our payment management system, your staff can perform all maintenance, adjustments, additions, balancing, and control requests online and in real time.They can even make corrections and updates to balances immediately. Deposits can be matched for true deposit reconciliation, not just deposit reporting. ARP/SMS posts all transactions to an integrated database, including exceptions and rejections. You can retain a complete history of every processed item for an extended period of time.

By using ARP/SMS for these back office operations, you can lower your fixed costs and move to a predictable, volume-based cost model. You gain access to leading financial services technology and dedicated resources from Fiserv, without having to invest in purchasing and operating the required systems yourself.


ARP/SMS is a full suite of real-time positive pay and account reconciliation services, including next-day and same-day positive pay, positive pay on accounts with no issue input and partial and full deposit reconcilement. It also offers:

  • Positive pay systems that effectively validate checks presented for payment at the teller line
  • Automation of many back office operations to greatly reduce the cost of positive pay and reconciliation
  • Real-time account reconciliation and positive pay processing to reduce your bank's risk of fraud and losses due to criminal activity
  • Robust reporting that identifies all types of transactions passed, giving you tools to help customers review and evaluate all of their account activity for improved customer service
  • Market-demanded solutions that you can offer clients to expand your treasury management business opportunities
  • Mainframe data processing at the state-of-the-art, highly secured Fiserv computer data center
  • Customization of the ARP/SMS services based on each financial institution's unique business requirements

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