Fraud Risk Manager

Preventing fraud losses and maintaining customer confidence are vital to your financial institution, but also pose complex challenges. Fiserv simplifies fraud prevention with this intelligent and easy-to-use financial crime management and compliance solution.


Available for Cleartouch, DNA, Precision, Premier, Signature

Fraud Risk Manager™ from Fiserv provides an end-to-end fraud prevention environment. This solution combines innovative transaction and customer monitoring with a built-in case management system, step-by-step alert management and configurable workflow. Using Fraud Risk Manager, you enjoy the benefits of next-generation fraud detection, including enhanced accuracy, streamlined analysis and improved efficiency.

Fraud Risk Manager addresses multiple fraud threats in your customer accounts, monitoring for deposit and on-us fraud, ATM and debit card fraud, kite fraud and payments fraud. Whether delivered as a standalone solution or integrated with AML Manager (our anti-money laundering application), Fraud Risk Manager delivers a scalable and comprehensive enterprise platform for fraud detection and prevention that spans multiple silos, channels and product lines. Multiple monitoring techniques include profiling, predictive analytics, peer group analysis and rules designed to detect more fraud with lower false positives.

By using a variety of detection methods, Fraud Risk Manager delivers the highest degree of accuracy. With fewer and more definite alerts, your internal fraud team will spend less time responding to false alarms and more time addressing truly fraudulent activity. Fraud Risk Manager monitors not only transactions, but also customer characteristics, account information and nonfinancial events, such as address changes, new debit card and PIN requests, and changes in ownership. When such markers and events are detected, the system can flag accounts and generate preventive alerts.


  • Simplified processes: Streamlined alert handling and workflows ensure that your risk management policies are effectively followed
  • Flexible views and alerts: An extensive library of user-configurable risk views and alert definitions gives you a head start in detecting and preventing fraudulent activity. This collection provides extensive coverage against fraud losses and enables users to quickly adapt to new fraud threats
  • Efficient case handling: A robust case management system helps your team process more cases faster
  • Easy integration: Fraud Risk Manager works with AML Manager, our anti-money laundering application, to provide a seamless environment for alert handling, workflow, investigation, case management and reporting. By combining these activities and crime categories, you’ll benefit from optimized processes, improved risk protection and reduced overall cost of ownership

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