Remote Cash Capture

Remote cash capture from Fiserv provides a hardware- and courier-independent solution for banks and merchants to cost-effectively manage their cash supply chains.


Remote cash capture has been an effective means for deterring theft and improving cash handling and cash management through the use of secure "smart safes" combined with cash tracking and reporting software - but only for a select few. Because the solutions offered by armored couriers and financial institutions relied on proprietary hardware and often required organizations to standardize on a single type of hardware, remote cash capture wasn't a cost-effective solution for regional banks, community financial institutions and smaller retailers. Until now.

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Cash handling solutions from Fiserv provides banks and merchants with an independent approach that allows them to use their preferred hardware and transportation service.

The remote cash capture solution includes CorPoint® from Fiserv for comprehensive cash order, deposit tracking and service level management, with five modules:

  • CorPoint: Deposit Manager
  • CorPoint: Hardware
  • CorPoint: Mobile
  • CorPoint: Order Manager
  • CorPoint: Remote Manager


  • Courier independent: Enables financial institutions and merchants to use their preferred transportation services
  • Hardware agnostic: Works with existing systems
  • Flexible: Supports future growth and new technologies
  • CorPoint modules: Provide comprehensive cash order, deposit tracking and service level management

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