Resources for Your Credit, Debit and ATM Programs

As your partner, Fiserv is committed to helping you navigate a changing world. Together, we're facing an unprecedented shift in the way we live and work. The following resources are designed to support the evolving needs of you and your cardholders.

Five Steps for Growing Your Credit Card Program

Well-executed credit card programs can generate new income streams, increase cardholder loyalty and provide a competitive edge for capturing new markets.

The Benefits of Surcharge-Free ATM Networks

Consumers continue to pay high ATM transaction fees, creating a strong demand for fee-free cash and convenient, secure account access.

Surcharge-free ATM access continues to be one of the most coveted accountholder perks that a financial institution can offer. A surcharge-free network offers financial institutions the opportunity to differentiate themselves and strengthen their connections to consumers wherever they may be.

Doing More With Your ATM Channel: Tips for Improving the Effectiveness of Your ATM Program

Review your ATM fleet performance and examine new service models and transaction capabilities.

Are you focused on innovation? When you address your consumers’ needs, you stand to be rewarded.

A Powerful Point of Contact: The Importance of Providing Secure, Strong Call Center Services

Combine technology innovation with secure, personal assistance to ensure cardholders maintain their financial health and peace of mind.

Consumers remain under significant financial stress due to the economic repercussions of the pandemic and they’re looking to their financial institutions for support.

Be Prepared: Managing Credit Card Delinquency in Times of Consumer Angst

You can't control the economy, but you can be proactive and protect your credit card portfolio.

With uncertainty permeating the financial landscape, financial institutions need credit card delinquency strategies that will work regardless of the economy’s condition.

Minding the Mint – The Importance of Consumer Card Alerts and Controls

Financial institutions must continue to provide consumers with safe and convenient card management capabilities.

Today's digitally minded consumers want to manage their accounts when and how it suits them. Learn more about how apps for card controls and alerts can enable people to safeguard their money and monitor spending.

STAR and Accel Networks Increase PINless Transaction Approval Limits to Provide Consumers Additional Touch-Free Purchasing Opportunities

Fiserv debit network increases limits from $50 to $100 to address COVID-19 concerns.

Accel Announcement | STAR Announcement

Less Is the New More: The Age of Contactless Interactions

A new era of contactless relationships is here. From social gatherings to leisure activities and financial services, life is forever changing.

With contactless payments, financial institutions can help protect consumers while improving their payment experiences. Learn how a well-implemented program can help you navigate the ever-changing payments landscape, improve consumer engagement and drive business performance.

The Defense Never Rests: Managing Risk During Uncertainty

Consumer fraud losses can still add up even during times of reduced transaction volume. Explore some quick tips to protect your payments program.

Fraudsters exploit uncertainty. Be prepared. Conveying appropriate information to consumers and using risk mitigation tools and services to fight against fraud will protect the payment experience and let your consumers continue to spend with confidence.

Self-Service Supports Social Distancing

The tools and technologies available to your cardholders can help keep them safe and provide convenient access to their finances.

Consumers need to know about the tools and methods available to them to have safe, anytime, anywhere account access and convenience, including ways to reduce physical contact with people or objects while using their debit or credit card. Learn how the "Pays", CardHub, contactless cards, your IVR and online account access can help.

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